We believe CEOs of small and medium sized businesses need someone in their corner when it comes to cybersecurity.

Let us help you improve your security and control your risk.

With You Every Step of The Way

With cyberthreats at an all-time high and  new cybersecurity solutions to consider every year, companies need vendor-neutral consulting they can trust.  

Whether you are starting at the beginning or expanding from existing compliance to a full-fledged cyber defense strategy, we can help.

Compliance versus Cyber Defense



Chasing compliance (that is to say, keeping regulators happy) is not equivalent to cybersecurity.  Determining the best cyber defense strategy for your company is a matter of understanding how well protected you need to be and how you can get there as inexpensively as possible.

ROI – Return on Investment



Few product vendors focus on helping  you preserve your existing IT investment. Meanwhile, it’s become a significant challenge to differentiate between them in terms of what they say they can deliver. We can help you choose the “next five things to do” for your cybersecurity in terms of ROI.

Education & Awareness

Executive Education

Cybersecurity education is essential for today’s executives.  A major cybersecurity failure could be catastrophic to the business – to the point of bankruptcy.  Because of this, a basic understanding of the business risk, a non-technical overview of how it should be handled, and the degree to which the executive staff contribute to the problem (or solution) is necessary. 

Cyberus specializes in providing executive-level cybersecurity education for board members, investors, CEOs and managers.  We can also work with your IT to understand existing gaps and develop an ideal cyber defense plan for the future.  Trust your people to implement, but be sure to have your finger on the pulse – just as you would for any major financial risk-taking.

Employee Education

Every employee should receive the annual perk of an “Internet Safety” class once a year.  This makes them much less likely to fall for phishing scams or bring malware infections to work with them.  And by the way, the number one influence over employee adherence to security policy is the attitude of executive management.