Why Coach Executives on Cyber-Risk?

Because businesses fail every day from the crippling effect of cyber attacks. Currently there is a greater than 30% chance of being breached, which means managing cyber-risk is as important as managing legal and financial risk. The problem is, too many companies ignore it or leave it to their IT departments. But even with a seasoned CISO in place, executives should understand the security trade-offs their company makes as they choose between business acceleration and security.

What is included?

This coaching session introduces boardrooms, CEOs and key executives to the core elements of the cybercrime world, the fundamental issues that define the challenges of cybersecurity, and the essential components to safeguard the business. Because executives are high-profile targets to hackers, home and personal safety is included as well.

What is the pricing?

It depends upon the number of participants, location and length of class. Coaching sessions can run from 20 minutes to 2.5 hours; for employee training we recommend one hour. We can train up to 60 people per day for less than $60 per person; our minimum session is 10 people per site at a price of $125 per person. Coaching and training are both priced according to time, number of participants and the level of customization.

Employees: Why Train?

Because 90% of the time breaches are the result of errors employees make. However, if we can adequately educate and motivate them, employees and executives can become our top security asset instead! This makes for one controllable factor  in an otherwise extremely complicated cybersecurity world. 

Who else should be trained?

Your entire supply chain! Key suppliers and partners should be expected to have adequate cybersecurity if you are doing business with them. Send them our way!