"Cynthia is very passionate in what she does and delivers a high energy and fast paced presentation relevant to today’s high risk of cybercrime.  She challenges her audience to take action in protecting their information both personally and professionally."


Financial Assistant, $50M corporation

"After getting the full 2-hour CEO training in my Vistage group I brought Cyberus into our company to train my senior management team. It was exactly what we needed – to sensitize them to our cybersecurity challenges in a way that was interactive and engaging. Next we will be rolling the training out to all employees."


CEO $12M corporation

"Cynthia gave a very informative and detailed presentation on the importance of protecting our safety and privacy with all the “hands-on” technology that we are accountable for in today’s world.  Her invaluable knowledge and expertise of all aspects of this topic is presented with a lot of passion.  It’s well worth the education as you leave with a true realization and understanding of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to keeping your security as confidential as possible."


Programs Director & Office Manager, $200M+ Food Distribution Company

"We almost lost almost $150,000 to hackers in a breach a few months back. It’s been very important to work with Cyberus to review internal policies and raise the visibility of our security efforts. The trainings have changed the way we talk and think about security."


CEO, $37M manufacturer

Cyberus does not publicize the names of references due to the tendency of hackers to go afterorganizations who state publicly that they have invested in security. Company names are availableunder NDA.